Catherine's Vlog 08.04.2016: Storyteller Journal Entry no. 3

Catherine's Vlog 08.04.2016: Storyteller// Journal Entry no. 3 #CatherinesVlog #storyteller #liveinthemoment

"Live in the moment. At about twelve years of age you find yourself in a hurry to grow up and leave childish things behind. All because you're worried about what other people think of you. As many privileges as age may grant you, it will not out-weigh the experience of growing up. Believe me, you'll spend your adulthood wishing you were a baby again. Twelve or even eighteen years is really such a short period of your life as a whole. When we can live forever, through the coming miracle, perhaps time will not feel as fleeting. Maybe through scientific advancement or in a neverending afterlife we will gain perspective."