Post Haste :)

Been wanting to do this (blogging/website thing) again for quite awhile now. I had a website for years but the webhost is no longer operating or something like that. So this is it! From hence forth, this will be the new domain over which we rule... just kidding. This is where I/we shall post anything I find interesting. The long-awaited new place for me to be creative. I came up with the whole "Realm" thing years ago, and used it on my website in the past, so it just stuck. I've had an amateur interest in webdesign and have always appreciated being able to have my own little chunk of cyber space. My hubby and I share a Facebook account as well. I don't expect him to actually contribute anything to this blog (although I'd be plesantly surprised if he did) but I like the idea of having a place to talk about things that interest the both of us.

Currently I don't have much to share with whoever it is that may read this blog. But there are a few things I could mention I guess. A co-worker lent Wicked to me and I am excited to read it. Have had an on-going fascination with anything Wizard of Oz related since childhood. I cannot wait for Oz the Great and Powerful to hit theaters in March. Besdies that, I'm liking the sneaker wedge trend that's going on now. I don't own any as of yet but I'd like to. Maybe I will post some pictures of them some time soon.

Nothing else late breaking to report as of now. I'm still learning the dynamics of using blogspot. If anyone has comments or would like to share anything with me please feel free. So this completes my first blog here on blogspot!