Start a (Hanson?) Revolution!

Do not adjust your television (erhm, computer screen) Hanson Takeover will officially commence...

So, as I promised the man himself I would, I am here to share some inspirational material from a fellow fanson:

Ricky Maye so generously sent me some stickers (sticker collector here!) and a t-shirt for FREE!!! with the promise that I would share his works over social networking or through any form I so desired. Of course I am happy to do so! Ricky is an author, public speaker and an activist. I encourage anyone to challenge convention and, from what I gather, he has made this his mission as well. Check out his stuff at ...super nice dude that happens to share a passion of mine. That being Hanson.
As long as I am on the subject of Hanson I just cannot pass up the opportunity to promote 3 of the most awesome guys in existence. Not only do they have a new album coming out (June 18, '13) but they have a beer, which is a microbrew called Mmmhops, that debuted at The Hangover 3 premiere. According to it was a sample batch and for promotional purposes only. The final recipe is yet to be determined. In fact, Hanson was in the brewery this week working on a pilot brew. I don't know a lot of terminology as far as beer is concerned and am not so much a beer drinker. What I have gathered from Hanson themselves and from others is that it is described as a craft beer and a pale ale. They use the tagline 'from the guys that invented Mmmbop'. Supposedly it will be available at their shows for their upcoming world tour and they hope to supply it to retailers in the fall as well. Good luck guys!
TMZ talked to Taylor via Skype. You can watch the interview here:
skip to the 18 min. mark to see it!

 Yeah, 16 yrs. later Mmmbop is being used in the opening scene in The Hangover 3. Hence the reason they were at the premiere. The scene in which it is featured... OMG! I saw the movie last weekend and of course it brings the same stupid-funny hilarity as the rest of the movies in the series do.
The new album, their sixth studio album, is called ANTHEM and they have released 'Get The Girl Back' as a single. There are a lot of cameos from young Hollywood stars in the GTGB video. Watch the video here and keep your eyes peeled to see if you can recognize some of them.